My goal is to make home staging a genuinely affordable option  for homeowners in every stage of life.


I started this company by accident...a car accident + a flip = Elephant in the Room....Really.

The story begins with me swinging a sledgehammer & staging homes in 2007 as part of the family business of real estate investing. Every time we would prepare to place a newly renovated property on the market we would hit an economic brick wall when it came to staging options. So, I began learning the "tricks of the trade" for staging properties. I also began building my own inventory arsenal.

I'm Angela Arnold, owner of Elephant in the Room Home Staging & Redesign. Welcome to the story!

I was perfectly happy working on the fringe of the family business. My dad & brother would call me in occasionally for paint color or layout suggestions then I would be on my merry way back to my world of media advertising. In 2009 I even opened my own marketing firm.

I was on my way to work one morning in December of 2012 and was rear-ended by a 69 year old woman on her cell phone that was so distracted she didn’t even slow down. That’s right, no sound of screeching brakes just a really big crunch followed by a 3 year rehab period.


Toward the end of that rehab period, I was finishing up neurotherapy (Thank you Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana!) & a flip I co-owned with my brother. I was also figuring out my new life as the accident left me with a host of visual and cognitive issues that made picking up where I left off impossible. I was at a crossroads. Literally.

Prior to my accident, I specialized in business strategy and development which meant long hours of research and long hours on the computer. Not happening. Not anymore. I look and act “normal”( normal as I was before), I just can’t spend a lot of time with electronics...or at malls....or movie theaters...

In January 2015, I staged our flip and it sold within 24 hours, during a brokers open house. After the open house my realtor relayed that a few of the realtors asked who staged the home and we chatted for a bit about the feasibility of this being a viable business option.

I did everything backwards - I had clients before I had a business, I opened the business then did 6 months of market research/feasibility, THEN I got certified and finally did a proper launch with strong marketing just as the market was slowing October of 2015.

But It Worked.

I’m not going to be all “pollyanna” and say I wouldn’t have changed anything or everything happens for a reason or any of the other blanket sayings. I will say that I’m glad that I fired all the doctors and therapist who told me what I wouldn’t be able to do and surrounded myself with people who believed I “could”, like Bill Hartman, Jae Chung & the rest of the crew at IFAST. I’m also thankful and incredibly grateful for my Dad & Brother who started their flipping business and my mother who had an incredible sense of style and decorated everything in sight. Without them, and a good realtor, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to choose another path after my first one ended.

So what makes Elephant in the Room unique?

As you know by now, my background combines a robust career in advertising, marketing and public relations with the family business of real estate investing.

As a result, I'm able to capitalize on my understanding of the real estate industry, the psychology and buying habits of buyers as well as target marketing to maximize the equity in a property while minimizing the investment to achieve that goal.

I work with realtors, homeowners, real estate investors as well as builders.

I look forward to working with you!

Credentials & Other “Stuff”:

  • In 2015 I became certified by HGTV staging expert and Home Staging for Dummies author, Christine Rae's program - Certified Staging Professional®
  • During the certification in Dallas, I was instructed by Brooklyn-based, ASID Interior Designer Cathy Hobbs (HGTV Design Star Season 6 Finalist and National Green Expert for IKEA Life Improvement Project).
  • 2015 - Joined RESA (Real Estate Staging Association), the national trade organization for staging professionals and earned the RESA-PRO designation in 2017.
  • 2016 - Received my certification for residential renovation project management.
  • 2017 - I was busy...
  • I started House Trained - Home Staging Workshop for Realtors with all proceeds benefiting Happy Labs - Labrador Retriever rescue.
  • I started the Indianapolis chapter of RESA (Real Estate Staging Association).
  • I was then elected President of the RESA Indianapolis Chapter.
  • We were featured on the national real estate website, REDFIN, as home staging experts representing Indiana for their article “37 Home Staging Experts Share the Secrets Appeal To Buyers in Your City”
  • Feedspot named House Trained (my blog) one of the Top 100 Home Staging Blogs in the Universe. Which is funny because it’s not about home staging at all, but still a great honor to be on the same list as industry greats like Audra Slinkey (HSR), Barb Schwarz (ASP) and the woman I received my designation from - Christine Rae (CSP)









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