Miracle on Meridian Street: Home Staging Services Companies Indianapolis

Business has been booming in December. Typically, the real estate market tends to slow down during this time of year, especially the closer we get to the holidays. My clients over the past three weeks all had one thing in common - I was redoing someone else's work. Because of this, I'm adopting the mindset of Macy's department store in "Miracle on 34th Street" (or in my case, Miracle on Meridian Street) and am listing a few reputable home staging services companies in Indianapolis.

OMG. Yes, I'm listing my competitors. Macy's put the spirit of Christmas ahead of the commercial by referring shoppers to Gimbels department store. The objective was to get the shopper what they needed so they were happy.  I can tell you the homeowners I worked with over the past few weeks were anything BUT happy. 

I was having lunch last week with a realtor, who is a good source of referrals for me but doesn't professionally stage her listings. I asked her why she didn't use home staging services for her listings, her reply was "I have pretty good taste."


She did have "pretty good taste." You have "pretty good taste" (at least I hope you do if you're reading this). A great many people have "pretty good taste". I, too, have "pretty good taste", but you'll never be able to tell what my "pretty good taste" is in any of my home staging services.

It's not about "taste", it's about consumer behavior. Ultimately, it's not our taste that matters - it's the potential buyers. I've spent the last three weeks fixing "pretty good taste." 

I'm not saying taste doesn't factor into staging services, of course it does. However, it needs to be balanced with the science and methodology of home staging services and consumer buying behavior. Otherwise, it's decorating. 

The home staging services companies I'm listing in Indianapolis all have a professional staging accreditation. Currently, I'm the only CSP® (Certified Staging Professional) in Indiana. However, there are a few ASP® (Accredited Staging Professionals) listed below. If you are considering using a stager, please use one that has invested the time in formalized training and is insured. 

Beyond the certification, each of us have a niche in the market. My niche is combining my extensive background in advertising and marketing, along with the family business of real estate investing, to target buying behaviors as they relate to the home to get it sold as quickly and economically as possible. Great staging doesn't have to be expensive.

Choose a home staging service you like and can afford. We will be in your home and with you during an emotional time. You should like us...at least a little bit.

So, Without further ado, here's MY Miracle on Meridian Street: Home Staging Services Companies in Indianapolis:

  1. Elephant in the Room Home Staging | Redesign (Naturally, I'm going to put my company on the list. Don't forget, the shoppers came to Macy's first!).
  2. It's Simply Staging & Redesign.
  3. Home Staging of Indy.
  4. Envision Home Staging.
  5. Scott Hofer Home Staging.
  6. Home Matters. 

Now go watch "Miracle on 34th Street" and think fondly of "Miracle on Meridian Street": Home Staging Services Companies in Indianapolis!

Happy Holidays!


Photo: Pawel Kadysz