Weighing Pros & Cons? It's Official...We're Pros!

This year has been moving at the speed of light. However, as a business owner, our job is to not only manage the day-to-day cray-cray (translation: craziness) but also to move our business and industry forward. That's exactly what I did this week.

This week not only did I earn the designation of RESA-PRO™ (Real Estate Staging Association PRO designation, more on that below) but I also finalized plans with the national leadership board for the Indiana Chapter Kick-off Meeting of RESA® in September. 

It was a productive week. 

So, what is RESA® and why should you care?

RESA® is a 501 (C) 6 Tax Exempt Non-Profit Trade Association. They are the national governing organization for professional home stagers. They are also the largest network of professional home stagers dedicated to advancing the professionalism in the staging industry.

A RESA-PRO™ home stager is not a "hobby" home stager. A RESA-PRO™ home stager is a dedicated home stager that is held to the highest standards of business, ethics and integrity. 

According to RESA®, "Hiring a home stager with a RESA-PRO™ designation is important for homeowners and real estate agents because:

  • You're hiring a home stager that is a well qualified professional
  • You're hiring a home stager that is held to higher standards 
  • You're hiring a home stager that is held to a higher ethics standard 
  • You're hiring a home stager that has been in business for at least one year 
  • You're hiring a home stager that is insured with a home staging business insurance policy 
  • You're hiring a home stager that is committed to continuing education so they can use the latest home staging techniques"

That's a solid list. All good points. 

 I went after the RESA-PRO™ designation for a few other reasons:

  • To advance the professionalism of the industry on a local level. On the RESA® website they make a distinction that a RESA-PRO™ is NOT a "hobby" home stager. Yikes! As a business owner, it's frustrating when we hear the horror stories of a "hobby" home stager. That's why educating the public and realtors is so very important. A person's home is a large INVESTMENT and should be treated with the same professionalism as other INVESTMENTS in a portfolio.
  • To form a local chapter of RESA® that is connected to the national chapter. Again, it goes back to goal #1 - advancing the professionalism of the industry. It also provides a resource for realtors and those interested in the staging industry. Staging statistics and information shouldn't be held hostage. The information should be freely shared to advance not only the staging industry, but the real estate industry as a whole. 

For the complete list of what it means to be a RESA-PRO™ check out: http://www.realestatestagingassociation.com/content.aspx?page_id=22&club_id=304550&module_id=72018

To see my snazzy new designation on my home page visit www.elephanthomestaging.com and scroll to the bottom. If you are reading this on my website, go the home page.

If you are interested in receiving information about the inaugural meeting in September please e-mail me: www.elephanthomestaging.com/contact-us You do not have to be a current RESA member or have a staging certification to attend. Realtors who stage are also welcome.