Interior decorating is the art of decorating and furnishing of interior spaces in homes, offices, and public spaces. It encompasses all aspects of lighting, color, texture, paint, furniture purchase and placement, flooring selection and installation, fabric installations, window treatments, and accessories. 


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Color is one of the easiest ways to change a space immediately, but selecting the correct colors can be difficult for many people. Natural and artificial lighting, furnishings, art, flooring and many other elements can affect the way a color looks in a space. The selection of color is important to coordinate with existing elements or adjacent areas. Color also has a profound effect on the way a person lives, thinks and feels.

Our color consultation services include: interior and exterior paint color selections, furnishings, flooring, coordinating art and more.

Most services are under $200 and include three palettes. 


DIY Custom Plan                                                                                                      $450
If you prefer to "do it yourself," our DIY option provides the perfect balance of professional insight while letting you work to implement the project independently and within budget.

During the consultation, we'll discuss your project specifics such as room dimensions, personal style as well as your goals for the space and how you plan to utilize it.

Once we determine the project specifics, we will create a plan for you which will include:

~ Custom inspiration design board

~ Basic layout plan

~ List of vendors for furniture, flooring, lighting, and accessories

~ Design tips for implementing your project

Spaces over 1,800 square feet will be quoted.


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Not the DIY type? Let us do the work for you. Our goal is to create a practical, achievable design plan for your space. Most importantly, the design must realistically fit your budget. By setting a realistic budget, we can prioritize and optimize spending to achieve the look you desire.

Other interior decoration services include:

~ Furniture placement

~ Specific product sourcing or research

~ Adding layers such as accessories, art, window coverings, and area rugs

~ Design problem solving


Travel fee may apply for areas outside of Indianapolis.