Elephant in the Room can manage your renovation project from beginning to end ― without the stress! The reason most renovations are so stressful is lack of planning and communication between the homeowner and the contractor. 

We bridge the gap between you and the contractor. We have a systematic and thorough process we follow for each component of the renovation project. This helps the project get completed on time, on budget. 


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Elephant in the Room will begin by accessing the overall renovation and the scope of work required. We look for possible issues that can affect the success of the renovation, the design, the budget and the duration of the work. 

We know the contractors responsibilities and the homeowners responsibilities and how to avoid costly mistakes due to miscommunication and misunderstanding of who is responsible for what during the renovation. 

We manage all aspects of the renovation including:

  • Setting and maintaining a realistic budget.

  • Timing for the overall project and each individual phase of completion.

  • Terms of payment and payment schedule for the contractor.

  • Changes in the work (on-site changes that affect the price, product availability and completion dates).

  • Industry standards of work.

  • Warranties.

  • Insurance.

  • Compliance with worker's compensation and other laws.


Travel fee may apply for areas outside of Indianapolis Metro Area.