Vacant home staging is designed for sellers who are no longer living in the home while it is on the market. This service provides supplemental furniture, area rugs, lamps, art and accessories from our private inventory collection and tailored to the demographic of the neighborhood. 

Vacant homes show smaller in person and do not show well on MLS photos. 


Quotes for Staging Vacant Properties                                                       Complimentary

Elephant in the Room specializes in enhancing an empty space with quality furnishings. Professional arranged, these furnishings enhance focal points and promote the unique architectural features of your home. Carefully selected accessories are then added to speak to the lifestyle of the potential buyer. 

We know how to distinguish your home from other listings in today’s real estate market.

Initially, we visit the home and assess what enhancements are needed. After viewing the property, we create a comprehensive proposal. This includes an estimate for rental of our stylish, high quality furniture and accessories including services such as delivery, set-up, monthly rental charges, and removal of all items when contract is complete. 

Designed for: Sellers who no longer occupy the property, property management groups, home builders, and real estate investors.

Quotes for Residential Renovation Consultation                                  Complimentary

Before your home goes on the market a consultation will provide valuable feedback on what renovation projects will get the highest return on investment or "the most bang for your buck". This is critical information for both a seller and their realtor who will market the upgrades and recent renovations to prospective buyers.

Give us a call and we'll talk through what you want to achieve from the consultation. The consultation can be as simple as a few rooms or the entire home. We will recommend appropriate color and material choices that fit within your budget and are appropriate with the area and projected price point of the home. Over improving can quickly eat away at your profit.

Designed for: Real estate investors, "flippers", estates and sellers who are preparing to do updates and minor renovations prior to placing their home on the market. The consultation focuses on the rooms, materials and upgrades that will provide the most return on investment when the home goes on the market.   

Travel fee may apply for areas outside of Indianapolis Metro Area.